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The following list does not necessarily include all the plants we keep, only the ones we expect to have in sufficient numbers to include. It is a good idea to phone before you come, if you want something in particular. All plants are Hardy Perennials unless otherwise stated.




Achillea millefolium Cassis


A very long blooming perennial with many stems of cherry red heads. Ht 2 ft


Achillea filipendula Cloth Of Gold


Grey –green foliage and bright yellow flower heads. Ht 2 ft


Achillea sibirica Love Parade

A large head of soft pink flowers in summer. Ht 2 ft

Aconitum carmichaelii

Monkshood. Sturdy stems and rich blue flowers in late summer. Ht 4 ft

Actaea simplex Black Negligee

Decorative black foliage and narrow spikes of white flowers in late summer to autumn. Ht. 3 ft

Aeonium arboreum Schwarzkopf

Half hardy perennial succulent, each stem crowned with a rosette of purple/black leaves. Has golden flowers in spring on older stems. Ht. 3 ft. Excellent in a pot on the patio in summer.

Aeonium haworthii

Branching half hardy perennial succulent with blue-green leaves, rather spreading with yellow flowers in spring. Ht 2 ft

Agave americana variegata

Half hardy perennial succulent with sharply pointed (you have been warned) sword like leaves slow growing but will reach 6 ft high.

Ageratina altissima Chocolate

Reliable perennial for structure and height with maroon brown leaves and little white flowers. Ht. 4 ft

Aloe striatula

Half hardy perennial succulent with thick green leaves on a stiff stem. Orange flowers in spring. Ht 3 ft

Amicia zygomeris

A woody based perennial grown for its attractive leaves and stipules. Yellow pea flowers in late summer to autumn. Ht 5 ft

Amsonia tabernaemontana

Clusters of little light blue star flowers in summer. Ht 2 ft

Anemone hybrida Lady Gilmour

Unique and heavily crested and fringed leaves with pink flowers in late summer into autumn. Ht. 3 ft

Aquilegia mixed

A wide mix of colours, single and double flowers in this easy garden plant. Ht 18 ins.

Argyranthemum Vancouver

A double pink marguerite with anemone centres. It is a half-hardy perennial. Good for containers and bedding. Ht 2 ft

Armeria pseudoarmeria Joystick Lilac shades

Large, spherical heads of flowers borne over dense cushions of foliage that remain throughout the winter. Ht 16 ins

Artemisia absinthium

Yellow flowers and silver grey foliage. Ht 2 ft

Aruncus dioicus

Fern like foliage and plumes of creamy flowers in early summer. Ht 5 ft

Asarum maximum Silver Panda

Low growing evergreen silver marked foliage with clusters of white eyed black flowers from spring into summer. Easy in the shade. Ht 10 ins

Aster composition

Michaelmas daisies in a mixture of singles and doubles in assorted shades. Ht 4 ft

Aster alpinus var. superbus Dark Beauty

A cultivated form of the alpine aster with large deep blue flowers. Ht 1 ft

Aster amellus Rudolf Goethe

Lavender blue daisy flowers in late summer. Ht 18 ins

Aster novae-angliae Septemberrubin

Abundant purple red flowers in autumn. Ht 5 ft

Aster tongolensis

A nice little daisy which has violet-blue flowers with a golden centre. Ht 2 ft

Astrantia major Gill Richardson Group

Pincushion flowers in deep crimsons from May to July. Ht 2 ft

Baptisia australis

Attractive blue-green foliage with lilac-blue pea flowers in summer. Ht 4 ft

Begonia Beni Tochiba

Little bushy plants of metallic pink foliage with single pink flowers. Good in shade and should be hardy, though it reappears late. Ht 1 ft

Begonia evansii

Reputed to be hardy, this begonia has large green leaves that are red underneath and pink flowers. It can grow to 3 ft

Bergenia cordifolia Winterglut

Leathery, intense red autumn leaves with red flowers in early spring. Ht 18 ins

Berkheya multijuga

Prickly and thistle-like with yellow flowers for well-drained soil in a sunny position. Ht 1 ft

Berkheya purpurea Zulu Warrior

A rosette of rather prickly leaves. In summer it has large silvery flowers on thick, stiff stems. Ht 2 ft

Beschorneria septentrionalis

Low evergreen rosette of foliage with astonishing electric pink and green flowers from electric pink stems from spring to summer. Ht 3 ft

Brunnera Hadspen Cream

Cream end green variegated leaves and clouds of blue flowers from spring to early summer. Best in the shade. Ht 18 ins

Bupthalmum speciosum

A big plant for the border. Large leaves and large yellow spidery flowers on plants up to 5 ft tall.

Campanula lactiflora

Nice milk blue spires of flowers in June and July. Ht 4 ft

Cardamine pratensis

Ladys smock .Cuckoo flower. A native wild flower enjoying a damp position. Pale lilac flowers in spring. Ht 18 ins

Carex flagillifera

Slender reddish brown tufts and spikes of brown flowers. Ht 2 ft

Carex morrowii Silver Sceptre

Clump forming, evergreen, variegated grass with narrow leaves and little brown flower spikes. Ht 1 ft

Carex siderosticha Variegata

Deciduous, rhizomatous grass with variegated leaves and slender brown flower spikes. Ht 1 ft

Catananche caerulea

Narrow grey leaves and papery blue flowers. Good for drying. Ht 2 ft

Caulteleya spicata

One of the hardier members of the ginger family needing just a little winter protection. Handsome leaves and spikes of orange/yellow flowers in maroon bracts. Ht. 2 ft

Centaurea dealbata

Pink flowers in mid summer which are good for cutting. Ht 3 ft

Centaurea macrocephala

Robust with stiff stems and large brown buds which open into yellow flowers in late summer. Ht 4 ft

Centaurea montana

A spreading perennial with blue thistle like flowers. Ht 18 ins

Centranthus ruber Alba

Long and free flowering with glaucous leaves and heads of tiny white flowers from late spring to late summer. Ht 3 ft

Cephalaria gigantea

A giant scabious with pale yellow flowers in summer .Ht 6 ft

Chelone obliqua

Turtlehead. Spikes of dark pink flowers in late summer. Ht 2 ft

Coreopsis grandiflora Presto

Large golden semi-double flowers on compact plants from June to September Ht 1 ft

Crambe cordifolia

Spectacular when in flower with impressive panicles of small white flowers in summer. Ht. 6 ft

Crambe maritima

Sea kale .Fleshy glaucous leaves and panicles of white flowers in summer. Ht 18 ins

Crocosmia Lucifer

Forming vigourous clumps of stiff leaves this produces spikes of bright red flowers, growing to about 4 ft

Dahlia x Cosmos Mexican Black

Scented black flowers over dark green foliage from summer to autumn. Ht 2 ft

Delphinium mixed

No garden is complete without these beautiful plants. In a wide range of blues, pinks and white they are a must for the cottage garden. Ht 6 ft

Dicentra King of Hearts

A compact plant with feathery blue foliage and deep pink flowers from spring to late autumn .Ht 10 ins

Dicentra spectabilis

Bleeding Heart. Rose pink and white flowers in arching sprays from May to July. Ht. 2 ft

Dictamnus albus purpureus

Burning Bush. Beautiful scented lilac-rose flower spikes in summer. Ht. 2 ft

Digitalis parviflora

A gorgeous little foxglove with 2 ft spikes of tiny chocolate coloured flowers.

Doronicum caucasium

Large yellow daisies in spring. Ht 18 ins

Dracocephalum grandiflorum

Dense, bushy plant, 8" tall, forms a mound of foliage 12" wide. Hooded flowers are dark violet-blue, summer blooming. Ht 6-12 ins.

Echinacea pallida Hula Dancer

White flowers with a tint of pink and long hanging petals in late summer to early autumn. Ht 2 ft

Epilobium angustifolium Album

Watch out with this one as it is very invasive. Nevertheless it has very beautiful white and pale green spires of flowers in summer. Ht 3 ft. Control it by pulling out the stems at the edges after flowering.

Epimedium versicolor Sulphureum

Sulphur yellow star shaped flowers with pink insides in early spring .Good ground cover for shade. Ht. 1 ft

Epimedium youngianum Roseum

Heart shaped, serrated, bronze tinted leaves which turn green in spring. Lilac-pink flowers in April. Ht 1 ft

Erigeron speciosus Pink Jewel

Pink daisy flowers in summer. Ht 2 ft

Eryngium agavifolium

Large strap-like foliage and tall green prickly flower heads. Ht 4 ft

Erysimum Bowles Mauve

A good sturdy plant with nice purple ‘wall flowers’ in spring and summer. Ht. 2½ ft

Eucomis bicolour

A half hardy perennial bulb with greenish/pinkish flowers in summer on a thick stem topped with a pineapple like tuft. Ht 18 ins

Eupatorium fistulosum albidum Ivory Towers

Fresh green foliage with almost pure white flower umbels during late summer to autumn. Ht 6 ft

Eupatorium maculatum Purpureum

A tall perennial growing to 7 ft with purplish stems topped with pink heads of flowers in late summer.

Euphorbia myrsinites

A rather prostrate plant with diamond shaped glaucous leaves along its stems, yellow flowers in early summer turning red. Ht. 12 ins

Euphorbia wulfenii

 This variety has huge, pinkish-stems with attractive, narrow, grey-green leaves and heads of long-lasting yellow/green flowers. Ht 4 ft

Fascicularia bicolour Canaliculata

Rosettes of short toothed grey leaves. The pale blue flowers are surrounded by red foliage in late summer into autumn. Ht 18 ins. Hardy in a sheltered position.

Festuca glauca

Evergreen tufted grass with blue-grey narrow leaves and creamy flower spikelets in summer. Ht 10 ins

Fuchsia procumbens

A deciduous half hardy, prostrate shrub with tiny little leaves and yellow flowers with purple sepals and blue pollen, followed by large red fruit. Good for rock gardens, hanging baskets or pots. Ht 4 ins

Haberlea rhodopensis

Useful on walls or rockeries this little plant has dark somewhat hairy leaves and lovely sprays of purplish funnel shaped flowers in early summer. Ht 4 ins

Helenium Moerheim Beauty

Profuse rich bronze-red flowers. Ht 3 ft

Helenium autumnale Red & Gold Hybrids

 Great for a splash of colour in late summer and early autumn. Ht 4 ft

Heliopsis scabra Giant Double Hybrids

Lots of double golden daisies on strong stems. Good for cutting. Ht. 4 ft

Heliopsis scabra Summer Nights

Golden flowers held on reddish stems in late summer. The foliage is purple-red in spring. Ht 4 ft

Hemerocallis Georgette Beldon

Red purple flowers with a darker eye and a green throat in July and August. Ht. 2 ft

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus (flava)

Nocturnal, fragrant lemon yellow flowers in early summer .Ht 3 ft

Hemerocallis Little Red Hen

Bright red flowers with a yellow throat. Ht 2 ft

Hemerocallis Luxury Lace

Lavender pink flowers in mid summer. Ht 2 ft

Hemerocallis Night Beacon

Purple brown flowers with a yellow throat. Ht 2 ft

Hemerocallis Pandora’s Box

Cream flowers with a purple eye in mid summer. Ht 2 ft

Hemerocalus Stella D’oro

A compact day lily forming dense clumps of narrow foliage and small orange-yellow flowers. Ht. 12 ins

Hosta Krossa Regal

Large glaucous grey-green leaves and spires of lilac flowers.  Ht 3 ft

Hosta Sum and Substance

Thick textured green-gold leaves and lavender flowers. Apparently slug resistant. Ht 2 ft

Hosta Wide Brim

Ribbed blue-green  leaves with wide creamy-white margins and lavender flowers. Ht 2 ft

Iliamna rivularis

Mountain hollyhock. Large maple-like leaves and pinky-white flowers in early summer. Ht 4 ft

Impatiens niamniamensis Congo Cockatoo

Half hardy, with glossy green leaves and bright red and yellow flowers. Ht. 2 ft.

 Impatiens sodenii

Rather different to your average ‘Busy Lizzie’. A half hardy perennial that can grow to 4 ft high with large white flowers in summer.

Iris sibirica Dreaming Yellow

Early summer flowers with white standards, pale cream falls, yellow at centre. Ht 3 ft

Iris sibirica Flight of Butterflies

Swarms of small flowers, pale blue with darker veining in early summer. Ht. 2 ft

Iris sibirica Sparkling Rose

Early summer rose-purple flowers. Ht 3 ft

Kalimeris shogun

This interesting aster relative with variegated leaves and 1/2" pale lavender aster-like flowers in early autumn. Ht 15"

Kirengeshoma koreana

Best in the shade this lovely plant has flared waxy primrose yellow bells in late summer to early autumn. Ht 4 ft

Knautia macedonica

Scabious like reddish flowers in summer. Ht 3 ft

Knautia macedonica Melton Pastels

Scabious-like flowers in mixed pastel shades, all summer. Ht. 2 ft

Kniphofia hirsuta Traffic Lights

A dwarf red hot poker with red amber and green flower spikes. Ht 1 ft

Kniphofia Tawny King

Tawny apricot buds open cream from dark bronze stems from summer to autumn. Ht 4 ft

Lathyrus maritimus

A native wild flower of shingle beaches. Low growing with purple flowers from May to August.

Ledebouria socialis

An evergreen, half hardy spring flowering bulb. Spotted greyish leaves and short spikes of bell shaped greenish flowers. Ht. 6 ins

Lepechinia hastata

A half hardy perennial with aromatic foliage and gorgeous raspberry pink tubular flowers. Ht 2 ft

Leucanthemum superbum

The very robust garden daisy. Single white flowers with yellow centres. Ht. 2 ft

Leucanthemum superbum frilled

As above but with very finely cut petals

Leucanthemum superbum Horace Read

Pure white double flowers. Ht 2 ft

Liatris spicata

Tufts of grassy foliage and spikes of rose-purple flowers. Ht. 2 ft

Liatris spicata Alba

A lovely pure white form of the above.

Ligularia dentata Enkelrig

Preferring a moist or waterside position, ligularia make imposing plants. This variety has large rounded deeply cut foliage and orange yellow daisy like flowers. Ht 3 ft

Ligularia przewalskii

Deeply cut, round leaves which are attractive on their own and in mid to late summer tall spikes of yellow flowers . Ht. 4 ft

Limonium platyphyllum

Large dark green leaves and sprays of tiny lavender-blue flowers. Ht 2 ft

Liriope Muscari

Shade and drought tolerant this stout tufted evergreen produces spikes of bright violet flowers in late summer/autumn. Ht 1 ft

Lobelia gerardii Vedrariensis

Dark purple spikes of flowers in summer. Ht 3 ft

Lobelia tupa

Large leaves and spikes of brick red flowers in late summer to autumn. Ht 4 ft

Lupinus polyphyllus Chandelier

A classic plant for the herbaceous border. Very easy with good yellow flowers. Ht 4 ft

Lupinus polyphyllus My Castle

Flowers in a variety of shades of red

Lupinus polyphyllus Noble Maiden

 This one has creamy white flowers

Lupinus polyphyllus The Chatelaine

Pink and white bicoloured flowers

Lupinus polyphyllus The Governor

Blue and white bicoloured flowers

Lychnis chalcedonica

Bright red flowers in summer. Ht 3 ft

Lychnis viscaria Atropurpurea

 1 ft tall with purple flowers in spring.

Lychnis yunnanensis

An upright plant with bright pink flowers in mid-spring. Ht 18 ins

Lysimachia ephemerum

Slender upright white flower spikes in early to mid summer. Ht 3 ft

Lysimachia punctata

Yellow loosestrife. Spikes of yellow flowers in summer. Ht 2 ft

Lythrum salicaria Rosy Gem

Nice bushy plants with pink spikes of flowers .A very easy hardy perennial. Ht 4 ft

Mesembryanthemum hispidum

Tiny little pink flowers cover this little succulent all summer. Borderline hardy needing only minimal protection. Ht 4 ins

Mimulus aurantiacus Puniceus

Although this is a half hardy shrub (which we don’t grow!) this is so gorgeous we have to sell it. Evergreen, with sticky leaves and bright red ‘Monkey Musk’ flowers all through summer. Ht 2 ft

Mimulus luteus

Free flowering, with yellow flowers and occasional red spots this thrives in moisture. We grow it in the pond. Ht 1 ft

Mimulus popacatapetl

Another half hardy shrub with evergreen sticky leaves and pure white flowers. Ht 2 ft

Miscanthus sinensis Zebrinus

A clump forming grass with yellow stripes and creamy feathery panicles in Autumn. Ht 5 ft

Monarda didyma Panorama Mixed

A lovely mixture of colours in this easy hardy perennial. Ht 2½ ft

Morina Longifolia

Spiney dark green leaves and tiered clusters of white flowers in mid summer which change to pink then red after fertilisation. Ht 3 ft

Musa basjoo

One of the hardiest bananas reputed to be root hardy. Protect the main stem in winter by wrapping in straw if planted outside. Huge 3 ft leaves in summer for that tropical look. It may even flower if its hot enough. Ht 10 ft

Myrrhis odorata

Rather resembles cow parsley. Aromatic ferny foliage and fragrant white flowers. Ht 2 ft

Nepeta clarkei

Spikes of blue flowers with a white mark on the lower lip in late summer .Ht 2 ft

Nepeta grandiflora Dawn to Dusk

A neat, erect plant with long spikes of soft pink flowers. Ht 2 ft

Nepeta subsessilis Candy Cat

Dense clusters of lavender-pink, extra-large florets are nicely shown-off above the unusually glossy, dark green leaves. A good clump-former. Grows to 26” tall and blooms from June to August

Oenothera fruticosa 'Erica Robin'

Early red foliage changes to mid-green. Sprays of rich golden cup-shaped flowers. June-Aug. Ht. 18 ins

Oenothera odorata Apricot Delight

Large yellow flowers that fade to apricot as they age. Ht 3 ft

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘nigrescens’

A  lily grown for its almost black, grass like foliage. Little lilac flowers in summer followed by black fruits. Ht 9 ins

Panicum virgatum

Switch grass. Mid green foliage turning buff in autumn. Ht 3 ft


We keep a number of varieties at the nursery. All are easy, hardy perennials but it is best not to cut back the foliage until early March. Most grow to about 2 ft

Penstemon Abbotsmerry

Rich red with brownish-red stripes in throat

Penstemon Avon Belle

Bright fuchsia pink with white throat

Penstemon Axevalley Jessica

Pink with darker throat and white streaks

Penstemon Blackbird

Dark purple

Penstemon Capricorn Moon

Salmon pink flowers with a white veined throat.

Penstemon Edith Biggs

Deep wine

Penstemon Firebird

Bright red flowers

Penstemon Garnet

Wine red flowers.

Penstemon Geoff Hamilton

Pale pink with darker flecks

Penstemon Great Expectations

Lilac, white throat

Penstemon hartweggii Alba

White flowers

Penstemon Hidcote Pink

Pink flowers

Penstemon Petticoat

White tinged with lilac

Penstemon Tiger Bell Coral

Coral pink flower with a white veined throat

Penstemon Tiger Bell Rose

Rose pink flower with a white veined throat

Penstemon whippleanus Chocolate Drop

Nice little dark purple-blue flowers during June and July. Ht 1 ft

Penstemon Woodpecker

Delicate lilac flowers

Persicaria amplexicaulis Alba

Elegant white spires over clumps of bold green leaves from June to September. Ht 3 ft

Persicaria amplexicaulis Firetail

Bold green leaves and spikes of scarlet flowers. Ht 3 ft

Phlox Carolina Bill Baker

Low growing spreading stems and masses of deep pink flowers with a paler centre in spring and early summer. Ht 18 ins

Phlox maculata Natascha

Striking lilac flowers with white markings in summer. Ht 2 ft

Phlox paniculata Blue Paradise

Fragrant pale blue flowers in late summer. The foliage has a purple flush. Ht 3 ft

Phlox paniculata Edens Flash

Vibrant pink flowers with a darker eye. Ht 2.5 ft

Phlox paniculata Eventide

Lavender blue flushed lilac, later flowering. Ht 3 ft

Phlox paniculata Mother of Pearl

Distinctive cupped white flowers with a hint of pink in late summer. Ht 2 ft

Phlox paniculata Mount Fuji

Tall and late flowering with pure white flowers. Ht 3 ft

Phlox paniculata Norah Leigh

Pale lavender flowers with variegated leaves. Ht 2½ ft

Phlox paniculata Peppermint Twist

Bright pink and white flowers in summer. Ht. 2 ft

Phlox paniculata Prince of Orange

Late flowers of an intense orange scarlet. Ht 3 ft

Phlox paniculata Sandringham

Cyclamen pink flowers with a darker eye and lots of flowering side shoots. Ht 2½ ft

Physostegia virginiana

Good spikes of rosy-purple flowers in late summer. Rarely needs staking. Ht 3 ft

Physostegia virginiana Crown of Snow

A white version of the above.

Pimpinella major Rosea

Bright pink Queen Annes lace flowering in summer. Ht 18 ins

Polygonatum hybridum

White flowers hanging from arching stems in late spring. Ht 2 ft

Potentilla thurberi Monarchs Velvet

Raspberry-red flowers with a deep red centre. Ht 18 ins

Pulmonaria officinalis

Low growing and spring flowering with large oval spotted leaves and flowers that can be pink or blue on the same plant.

Pulsatilla vulgaris

Pasque flower. Lilac flowers in March and April. Ht 10 ins

Reineckia carnea

Evergreen, narrow grassy foliage, forming slowly spreading clumps. Small, low pink flowers appear very late in the year. Useful for dry shade. Ht 1 ft

Rheum palmatum Atrosanguineum

Magnificent plants for moist sun or part shade with large rose-purple leaves, topside turns green, and tall cherry red flower spikes. Ht 6 ft

Rudbeckia sullivantii Goldsturm

One of the best. Compact plants with deep yellow flowers with black centres. Ht 2½ ft

Rudbeckia occidentalis Green Wizard

Nice clumps of foliage and strange greenish flowers which are really a large brown central dome surrounded by bracts. Good for flower arranging. Ht 4 ft


We grow a number of salvia at the nursery, most are half hardy but require very little heat to over winter. Great for bedding out in containers and filling spots in borders for summer colour.

Salvia buchanii

Bright pink velvety flowers Ht 2 ft

Salvia corrugata

Nice dark wrinkled foliage and really dark blue flowers. Ht 2-3ft

Salvia elegans

Bright red flowers and a foliage that smells of pineapple. Ht 1½ ft

Salvia forreri

A low herbaceous perennial that is hardy for us. Blue flowers rather like lobelia. Ht 1 ft

Salvia fulgens

Hardy, bright red flowers late in the summer on a stiff, upright plant. HT 3 ft

Salvia glutinosa

A hardy perennial salvia with yellow flowers in June and July. Ht 3 ft

Salvia greggii Raspberry Royal

Similar to the above with bright pink flowers.

Salvia guaranitica Blue Enigma

A tall, root hardy salvia with good blue flowers. Ht 4 ft

Salvia x jamensis ‘Moonlight Over Ashwood’

Variegated foliage and creamy flowers on stiff stems. Ht 1½ ft

Salvia x jamensis ‘Sierra San Antonio’

Stiff stems and small foliage with two-tone peach + cream flowers. Ht 1½ ft

Salvia leucantha

A lovely velvety salvia. Late flowering but worth the wait. Unusual woolly violet calyxes and woolly white flowers. Half hardy. Ht 2½ ft

Salvia miniata

Attractive, dark green, very glossy leaves. Long blooming with flowers that are redder than red. In full sun the foliage takes on burgundy highlights. Half hardy. Ht 3 ft

Salvia patens

A tuberous salvia, so can be over wintered by lifting, much like dahlias. Nice blue flowers

Salvia patens Cambridge Blue

As above but the flowers are a much lighter blue.

Salvia ‘Silkies Dream’

Large flower heads of bright orangey red colour. About 2 ft tall.

Salvia uliginosa

Easy ,moisture loving, clump forming salvia with lovely clear blue flowers. Ht 6 ft. Hardy with a thick mulch.

Sanguisorba obtusa

Clump forming with pale green leaves and arching stems of pink flowers like fluffy caterpillars. Ht 2 ft

Sanguisorba tenuifolia

Ferny foliage with bottle brush spikes in a whitish/purple. Ht 4 ft

Sarracenia assorted

A mixture of totally hardy pitcher plants, some tall, some short, to catch flies. Flowering in spring.

Scutellaria scordiifolia

A mat forming rhizomatous hardy perennial. In summer it produces beautiful dark blue hooded flowers with a white streaked lip. Grows to about 6 ins

Silphium integrifolium

Stout upright stalks, branching in to yellow sunflowers July to September. Ht 3 ft

Spiranthes cernua Chadds Ford

Scented white orchid flowers in tall spiralling spikes in late summer to autumn. Ht 18 ins

Stachys macrantha

Little spikes of rose-purple flowers in late summer. Ht 18 ins

Stachys monieri

Dense spikes of purple-pink flowers over rosettes of dark green ,veined leaves. Ht 18 ins

Stipa tenuissima

A lovely grass forming dense clumps of leaves and soft feathery plumes in summer which wave softly in the wind. Looks good even through the winter. Cut down in spring. Ht 2 ft

Stokesia laevis Sky Rocket

Robust waxy foliage and fluffy pale blue flowers in summer. Ht 2-3ft

Thalictrum delavayi

Delicate ferny foliage and sprays of lovely lilac flowers with yellow stamens in mid summer. Ht 3 ft

Thalictrum delavayi Hewitts Double

Sprays of tiny double lilac flowers in summer. Ht 3 ft

Thalictrum flavum glaucum

A hardy perennial with glaucous foliage for sun or light shade. Fluffy lemon flower heads in summer. Ht 4 ft

Thermopsis lanceolata

Silvery foliage growing to 2½ ft high and spikes of yellow, lupin like flowers in summer.

Trachycarpus fortunei

The hardiest of all palms with large fan-shaped leaves

Tradescantia andersoniana

Clump forming with narrow leaves and purple flowers. About 2 ft tall.

Tradescantia andersoniana Osprey

As above but with white flowers with fluffy blue centres

Tricyrtis formosana Stolonifera

Toad lily. Glossy dark green leaves and flowers covered in dark purple spots from August to October. Ht 3 ft

Tricyrtis hirta

Late flowering for sun or partial shade, 2½ ft tall with lovely purple spotted white flowers.

Tricyrtis latifolia

Yellow flowers with brown spots in summer. Ht 18 ins

Trifolium ochroleucum

Grows to about 2 ft with large light yellow clover heads which bees love. Nice bushy clumps flowering in summer

Verbena bonariensis

The hardy perennial that everyone should have. Stiff, upright, wiry stems topped with tufts of purple flowers all summer. Its open habit means it can give height at the front of the border. Ht. 5 ft

Vernonia gigantea

Heads of dark purple flowers from summer through to autumn. Ht 5 ft

Veronica gentianoides

Bright glossy foliage and spikes of very pale blue flowers in summer. Ht 12-18ins

Veronica longifolia

 In summer this has beautiful long terminal racemes of pale blue flowers. Ht 2 ft

Veronicastrum sibiricum

lavender blue flower spikes on upright, sturdy stems Ht 5 ft

Viola sororia Dark Freckles

Light blue flowers with violet freckles during April and May. Ht 6 ins

Viola sororia Rubra

Ruby red flowers in April and May. Ht 6 ins


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